Pegasus Air Services is a private aviation company wh0 maintains  commercial standards. The company was founded by Jerome B. de Faria.  

For several years, Jerome had the ambitions to start his own helicopter operation and in 2011 he started  Pegasus Air Services. He started providing services to individuals and businesses with one R44  helicopter. Very soon Pegasus Air Services would require his own hangar space and commercial certification.  

Lorenzo's Of America is a private corporation registered and based in the USA. Starting from June 2020 the Piper Navajo has a leading role in the new era of our company. In the midst of the Corona epidemic Lorenzo's of America started to facilitate and stimulate the partnership between Pegasus Air Services, United Aviation Services and Lorenzo's of America. 

Whether it is for business or simply a pleasure ride, we are looking forward to providing your next Pegasus Air Services experience! 

If you have any questions, contact us: (+597)8601318



Jerome de Faria|  

Accountable Manager / Pilot / Instructor 

 "My greatest joy with these helicopters is that we get to do the most awesome work. We get to fly these super mechanics to the jungle to keep the generators running in the villages. We take them to the most remote mines to keep heavy equipment going. We take technicians to the most remote places to build telecom towers and keep them online. We fly with these super paramedics and get people out of harms way and we help to find people that are lost in the jungle or at sea. We help to survey all new territory and see all new frontiers. We get it done!  While doing this, we see our forest, mountains and rapids and sometimes..... I get to fish on spots where no one has gone before."

With close to 3000 hours of total time in helicopters Jerome is not only an aviation  enthusiast, but also the founder of the Pegasus company. Jerome started flying helicopters in February 2004 and still enjoys doing so. Aiming for a zero incident, zero accident safety record within the company, Jerome fulfills the role of Accountable Manager at Pegasus and, performs pilot duty in operations where and when necessary.   


Gianni Dragman|

Chief-pilot Helicopters

'I walked into the building of Pegasus Air Services with the idea of becoming an Assistant Mechanical Engineer better than Jerome gave me the opportunity to become a young helicopter pilot. There is no other company that feels better then Pegasus Air Services. It is my home.'

Starting in 2014 as a ground crew member at Pegasus Air Services, Gianni worked his was up to become is a young commercial helicopter pilot. He started in 2015 with helicopter training. In 2016 he received his private pilot license and in 2017 he received his commercial pilot license. Gianni has also done safety trainings and the helicopter under water egress training (offshore, escape). Now Gianni is the chief pilot in Pegasus operations.

Junior van Leeuwaarde|

Commercial Pilot

I am working in a very pleasant environment and I am happy with my colleagues. Every day there are new developments in the company and the fact that we can fly international, makes it more dynamic and interesting for me, because i learn more and more about aviation. '

After graduating from highschool, Junior started as groundcrew at Pegasus Air Services. He was very determined to become a commercial pilot and reached his goal within 1 year.


Denise Hankers|

Financial Administrator/ Assistant Manager

'To see the company grow from scratch, just like a first born developing into an adult, that is what keeps me driving. Also the trust that Jerome has in me, encouraged me to grow in the company and on a personal level. I'm glad that I can experience the successes of the company.'

Denise has a history in Financial Administration, and worked for years at “Centrale Lands Accountants Dienst”. In August of 2013, after only one meeting with Jerome, the two decided that Denice would be joining forces with the Pegasus team. Denise integrated very quickly as the Financial Administrator for the company and she also has the role of Assistant Manager. 


Ricardo Gesrooh ('Rick')|

Chief Ground Crew Manager

' In aviation there is a lot of adventure. I have good relationships with all of my colleagues and I am excited and proud about all the new developments in the company. '

In February 2004 Ricardo started his career in helicopter aviation by taking on a job as groundcrew member at another local helicopter company. There his friendship with Jerome started as they worked together on a daily basis. He worked as groundcrew for seven years and resigned from that company in 2011. His work with Jerome at Pegasus started in 2013, where he now works as Chief Ground Crew Manager.  


Seferino Kartodikromo|

Ground Crew and Assistant Mechanic Engineer 

'Every day I am eager to learn more about Mechanical Engineering of helicopters. I'm very happy with the knowledge transfer and I enjoy working at Pegasus Air Services.'

Seferino Kartodikromo started in 2019 as ground crew and is an intern assistant mechanic.


Roberto Sanwirjatmo ( 'Bob')|

Ground Crew Manager

' I have great collegues and have a nice working environment. I love the spirit of the Pegasus Air Services team.'

Bob started working for Pegasus Air Services in 2014 as a metal painter who takes care of the interior and exterior of the aircrafts and takes care of all the facilities on the ground. Bob is a great team player in the ground crew.


Roberto Mujica|

Chief Mechanical Engineer

' I come from Venezuela and the country has many problems. Pegasus Air Services created more economic stabilization for me and and my family. I am glad that I can still be part of the Pegasus team and try to do my job as well as possible. '

Roberto Mujica started his career in the Venezuelan army in 1977 and finished his training in 1980. After receiving his maintenance certificate he worked in the army for another 15 years. After working at numerous private company’s and owners he was contacted by his friend Jerome, who had started Pegasus Air Services in Paramaribo, Suriname. Roberto had met Jerome while working for another company, and through numerous projects had built professional trust and respect for each other. Roberto made the trip over to Suriname in July 2013 to start his role as Chief Mechanic Engineer at Pegasus Air Services.





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