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Pegasus Air Services is a young helicopter company founded by Jerome B. de Faria in 2011. Jerome had to contain ambitions to start his own helicopter business for several years until in 2011 the time was right!
Starting with one single R44 ship, housed at his friends at the aero-club Jerome started providing services to individuals and businesses at a very competitive price. Together with friend and fellow pilot, Stuart Vervuurt, Jerome flew daily which sparked a slow but constant growth in demand, he realized that very soon Pegasus Air Services would require its own hangar space.

After having operated via the aero-club for several months, Pegasus finally got her own hangar at Doekhiweg-Oost #15, less than 100 yards from the her previous location at the club and a second helicopter was bought. Demand for cheap, fast and reliable transport to the jungle was ever increasing and so was the crew. In may of 2013 Jerome was joined by Reggy Courtar and Edward Geerlings, two young commercial pilots with a great desire to fly. The two were sent over to Torrence, California in the USA to attend the Robinson R44 factory course (as have all Pegasus pilots) before joining the flight team.

Pegasus Air Services has since may 2014 also partnered up with United Aviation Services, and houses and maintains their BO 105, used for contract purposes.

After having purchased their own hangar space at Doekhieweg-oost #15, Pegasus Air Services has now built its own hangar and the company adress has been expanded Doekhieweg-oost # 13-15.

The company is currently working with the local authority CASAS in getting everything in place to attain its Air Operators Certificate (AOC).

The Team

Jerome de Faria

Accountable Manager / Pilot / Instructor

With close to 3000 hours of total time in helicopters Jerome is not only an aviation and helicopter enthousiast, but also the founder of the Pegasus company. Jerome started flying helicopters in February 2004 and still enjoys doing so. Aiming for a zero incident, zero accident safety record within the company, Jerome fulfills the role of Accountable Manager at Pegasus and, performs pilot duty in operations where and when necessary.  

Azim King

CPL Fixed Wing Pilot / A&P Apprentice

In 2015 Azim started working for Pegasus air services as a ground crew member. Azim already had his private pilot license (fixed wing) and was working towards his commercial pilot license which he completed in 2016 at Pegasus Air Services. He started training in Miami at ADF airways in January 2012. He completed his private pilot & instrument rating. In 2014 he did his first Ferry Flight from Miami at Boca Raton to Suriname. It was a flight of 3 days. The airplanes that he has flown are C-172, C-172SP, C-182, C-206. His goals are to fly turbine engines and to achieve his A&P (airframe & power plant license).


Director of Operations/Pilot/Instructer/A&P Mechanic

Robbie Roberts is a Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor and A&P Helicopter Mechanic who loves working on the Helicopters as much as he loves flying them. He enjoys passing on his knowledge and love of flying helicopters to students who also dream of one day piloting a helicopter through the open sky as he did ten years ago when he began flying in the States. Coming from a rural background Robbie enjoys spending time in the Amazon Jungle surrounded by it’s beauty. As Director of Operations at Pegasus Air Services he strives hard to maintain their perfect record of safety.


Pilot / A&P Apprentice

Starting as a ground crew member at Pegasus Air Services, Gianni is a young motivated student pilot who is working towards his dream of someday becoming a commercial helicopter pilot. In October 2015 he received his private pilot license and is currently working on his commercial pilot certificate. His goal for 2017 is to achieve his A&P (airframe and power plant license).

Vishaal Ganesh

Pilot / Instructor

Vishaal started his flying carreer as a young man, behind his computer flying countless hours of Pilot In Command on his Flight Simulator. He logged hundreds and hundreds of hours of simulator flight-time before ever touching the controls of a real aircraft. Years later he decided to dive deeper into aviation, first acquiring a fixed wing private pilot license, then starting his training in Palm Beach Florida. In the United States he received his private, commercial, and instrument instructor helicopter ratings.

Roberto Mujica

Chief Mechanic

Roberto started his career in the Venezuelan army in 1977 and finished his training in 1980. After receiving his maintenance certifecate he worked in the army for another 15 years. Afterwards after working at numerous private company’s and owners he was contacted by his friend Jerome, who had started Pegasus Air Services in Paramaribo, Suriname. Roberto had met Jerome while working for another company, and trough numerous projects had built professional trust and respect for eachother. Roberto made the trip over to Suriname in July 2013 to assume the role as Chief Mechanic at te Pegasus company.

Denise Hankers

Financial Administrator

Denise has a history in finance administration, and worked for years at “Centrale Lands Accountants Dienst”. In August of 2013, after only one meeting with Jerome, the two decided that Denice would be joining forces with the Pegasus team. Denise integrated very quickly and is now the active financial administrator for the company.

Ricardo Gesrooh

Chief Ground Crew

In february 2004 Ricardo started his career in helicopters by taking on a job as groundcrew member at another local helicopter company.  Here he worked as groundcrew for over seven years as he resigned in 2011. His work with Jerome at Pegasus commenced in 2013, where he now works as the most experienced groundcrew member, and was recently promoted to grouncrew chief.      [/vc_column_text]